Vista 12월 5일 공식 출시? :: 2006.10.14 00:24

비스타, 오피스 2007, 익스체인지 2007 이 12월 5일 공식 출시된다고 합니다.
리테일 얘기겠죠? 얼릉 RTM이나 나왔으면..

Microsoft has revealed a general release date for its upcoming operating system Vista - 5 December, 2006. Speaking to IT professionals, parliamentarians and senior law-enforcement officers at the Parliament and Internet conference in London on Thursday, Microsoft revealed its release plans. "We will officially launch Vista, Microsoft Office 2007 and Exchange 2007 on 5 December," said David Hipwell, a Windows client sales professional at Microsoft. On a very, very related note, the EC says that Vista will not be delayed due to regulatory issues. Also, the Shell: Revealed weblog has an item explaining why Aero Basic looks the way it looks.

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