nLite v1.2 Beta :: 2006.09.26 18:42

IE7, 테마 등 통합과 unattend 에 유저 생성 부분 등이 추가되었네요..

Deployment Tool for Unattended Windows
(Remove components, Integrate hotfixes,drivers and themes...Tweak...Patch)


  • new: XP Media Center edition support
  • new: Desktop Themes integration
  • new: User accounts unattended setup
  • new: Merge Cabinets option
  • new: Burning ISO on CD/DVD
  • new: Remove duplicate files option
  • new: Unattended nLite processing with switches
  • new: Prompt repair Unattended mode
  • update: Moved Patches to the Options page, Services to Tweaks
  • update: Windows 2003 (x86 and x64) SP2 beta compatibility
  • update: Internet Explorer 7 RC1 and KB921398, KB914798, KB840374, KB897338... integration
  • update: Services config, only changed states applied, added new ones
  • fix: Textmode 64bit driver integration (VIA RAID, NVRAID, Intel Promise RAID...)
  • fix: Driver integration in multiple sessions (was missing files sometimes)
  • new: Extensible Storage Engine (Esent97)
  • new: Visual Basic Scripting support
  • new: Comtrol Test Terminal Program
  • new: Format drive support (separated from Floppy support)
  • new: Serial Pen Tablet
  • new: IBM PS/2 TrackPoint
  • new: ALI 1535 SMBus Host Controller
  • new: CPU Intel, AMD, Crusoe
  • new: Blaster/Nachi removal tool
  • new: Cluster service (win2k3)
  • new: Terminal Server Licensing (win2k3)
  • new: POP3 Service (win2k3)
  • new: AGP filters
  • new: AMD IDE Controller (Win2k3+)
  • new: File and Print Services for Macintosh (Win2k3)
  • update: Ethernet drivers
  • update: Jet Database Engine
  • update: Terminal Services for Win2k3
  • update: Wireless Service for Win2k3
  • update: BITS, now removes Win2k3 BITS Server Extensions
  • fix: Help (while installing printer missing help files)

nLite v1.2 Beta | Installer | 1.67 MB
[ MD5 - 846bf88598fe62e0b1dd82532504b294 ]

nLite v1.2 Beta | Selfextracting archive | 1.5 MB

[ MD5 - ff147ca7994d38f62302a12f033b878b ]