Sysprep 호환성(?), password 문제 :: 2006.10.15 13:57

이전 홈피에 적었던 글을 조금 수정했습니다. ^^

VMware에서 Clone 만들기 전 Sysprep를 사용하니 2가지 문제가 생겨 해결책을 찾아봤습니다..

문제 1. Sysprep이 호환성 에러를 띄우며 작동 안 되는 현상

원인 Server Service 시작 안 되어 있음... 평상시 사용 안 하는 Service 들을 중지하고 사용하다 보니 이런 문제가... ^^
=> Server Service 시작

참고 페이지

The new version of SYSPREP can be used with both Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP SP2. So the utility has to find out somehow if it is running on Windows Server 2003 or on Windows XP SP2.

M$ chose to ask the Server-Service (lanmanserver) what OS-Version is running.

UPDATE August 30, 2004
M$ also asks the Server-Service if it is a domain controller or not.
Well, why not check first what OS it is in registry (HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion) and then ask the Server-Service only if it is a Server....

If you happen not to have 'File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks' installed (which is pretty normal in many environments) on XP SP2, SYSPREP will bring up an error message 'There is an incompatibility between this tool and the current operating system. Unable to continue.'.

문제 2. "The password is not valid"
sysprep 으로 작업 후 새로 부팅시(setup) 암호를 인식 못 하고 sysprep 이전 암호를 기억하는 문제?

원인 sysprep의 버그?로 sysprep 작업 이전 암호를 blank 하기를 권하는군요..
=> sysprep 작업 전 administrator 암호를 blank

참고 페이지
this is a bug related to the sysprep itself.
when you create your 1st VM 2003, you use a password during the manual installation.
when you execute the sysprep, you give an other password for the local admin, it's not able to change it. it keep the original one..
this is true wherever you are in a virtual or physical environment.
use the same password...