Windows XP SP3는 2008년? :: 2006.10.19 23:57

XP Service Pack 3는 2008년 상반기로..
2003 Server Service Pack 2는 2007년 1분기로 각각 연기됐군요.

XP 지금 나온 보안 패치만 60여개인데... 앞으로 2년이면...

As I predicted, another delay and watch when in 2007 they will cancel the SP completely.
No [N] This is a bad decision, leaving the admins who need to manage WinXP networks in the future, some for many years.
Bad news for home users who can't  offord new Vista PC's and have to download 200+ MB on patches each time they reinstall.

SP3 is now planned for first half of calander year 2008:

Windows XP Professional SP1 SP2
August 6, 2004
SP3 for Windows XP Professional is currently planned for 1H CY2008. This date is preliminary.
Windows Server 2003 Original Release SP1 SP2
Q1 2007