Invirtus VM Optimizer 2.5 :: 2006.09.20 23:43

VMware vmdk 파일을 최적화해주는 유틸이라는데 필요가 있을지...

Invirtus updated its famous virtual machines compressor VM Optimizer, introducing several new features:

  • Setting manager
    Settings Manager is an innovative supplemental application for Corporate Edition owners that allows you to create an XML based configuration file that VM Optimizer uses at run-time.
    Create a different settings file for each user type (developer, IT Admin, test), each OS type, etc.
    Deploy settings on the network and run VM Optimizer against centralized settings
  • Freespace
    FreeSpace is an included application that integrates into the optimization process and goes sector by sector on your virtual disk thoroughly zeroing out unused space.
  • NullBoot
    NullBoot is our proprietary technology for implementing live core OS configuration and not requiring a reboot.
    You simply mount the ISO file and your complete customized optimization takes place without intervention
  • VMShrink
    We've written an application that integrates seamlessly with your VMware platform software and carries out the vmdk shrinking for you with zero intervention. No more having to mount your vmdk with tools and performing command line switches.

Download it here.

VMware 의 "shrink" 기능과 다르다고 하지만 vmware-vdiskmanager 를 이용하는 걸로 봐서 별 차이 없는 듯... ^^

How does VM Optimizer differ from using "shrink" in VMware?

VM optimization and shrinking a vmdk file are not the same thing. Shrink does not optimize a guest OS and does not begin to match the level of "shrinking" that you get with VM Optimizer. VM Optimizer performs hundreds of processes before the shrinking process which we guarantee will give you a vmdk file that is much smaller than a vmdk file that you would just "shrink."

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